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I am committed to creating a personalized counselling plan that empowers you to live a better and healthier life. Together, we will identify the nature of the issues you would like to address, and find the therapeutic approach best suited to you. Below you can find a brief description of my services.


All 50 minute counselling sessions cost $135

I offer a limited amount of sliding scale rates, please reach out to me if required 

All services can be combined to create the best possible counselling experience


Want to find out if counselling with me is right for you?

My 20 minutes, free consultations allow potential clients to ask questions and briefly discuss their reason for seeking counselling with me. Consultations are done over the phone or via video based on your preference


50 minute, in-person counselling session in my office in North Vancouver

My office offers a comfortable space to engage in your individual counselling journey. It offers comfortable seating and room for movement if required. At the office, I can provide several tools to enhance your counselling experience and increase your comfort.


50 minute counselling session via video or phone  for clients across BC

For virtual counselling sessions, I encourage clients to use video but am also willing to work occasionally over the phone. Video sessions are conducted through the secure video feature of my praxis software.

Clients are encouraged to find a comfortable and private space to engage in their virtual sessions and might be asked to bring additional tools to session such as writing supplies.


50 minute counselling session in an outdoor setting in North or West Vancouver
The location of Walk & Talk sessions will be decided based on client needs and abilities.
During Walk & Talk, we will engage in a walk at a pace suitable for conversation for the duration of the session. Clients are asked to wear suitable clothing for the weather and location, and to bring a water bottle/beverage as well as a snack as needed.
Transportation to the location is not provided. Walk & Talk sessions are not designed as exercise sessions. 

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